As you get closer to the New Year, you probably know the number one resolution people make:  Lose Weight.   Just google top New Years resolutions and you’ll find all kinds of advice on how to reach your goals.  Like this one from someone who calls himself Goals Guy.

Physical activity builds physical vitality. With every year of your life, you have more to gain from being physically active; as your age-related risks of chronic disease increase, regular exercise generally slows or reverses that trend.

In fact, you’re even more likely to notice the benefits of regular exercise if you already have a chronic condition.

Are you ever going to be fit again as long as you live? The answer is unless you make a resolution to get fit – you’re never going to be fit – ever. The choice is yours; it begins by opting for the stairs instead of the elevator, fruit in place of chocolate, and active rather than sedentary activities.

Wow, doesn’t that sound simple.  Reads simple enough.  But like so much in our lives, it is a proved thing: simple is always complicated.  I mean, really – do you want to spend the rest of your life picking fruit instead of chocolate?

The key here is to make reasonable goals for yourself.  Goals you can actually achieve.  “Lose weight.  Get in better shape” is just not going to work for you.  Let’s be frank about that.  You gotta have a plan!

I lost my 50 pounds because, well first and foremost, I was really motivated.  But, overall – I took the Weight Watchers® approach.  Day by day.

  • Eat in moderation.
  • Move more.
  • Group support.
  • Keep track.

Nothing fancy there.  Just simple.

In this blog, I vow to write something every day in the year 2010 – to share how I lost my weight.  And, in exchange, I will be inspired by you and your comments, to keep that weight off.

I guess I really should follow my own advice.  And, move a little more today.  Also, it is Christmas Eve day.  I am joining friends for our traditional get-together at Ennio & Michael in Greenwich Village.  Luckily, it being Italian and Christmas Eve, that means I will have lots of fish choices.  I’m will not starve myself before the meal.  I am also going to prepare for what is likely to be an indulgent meal.  Small breakfast, lunch and even snack before.

Hint: don’t arrive hungry at an occasion.  Eat something light before you go.  A cup of soup.  A handful of nuts.  A piece of string cheese and some carrots.  Be smart.  Don’t sacrifice.  But, be prepared.

I will write much more as the year goes on.  Coming up soon – how I got started on my weight loss journey.  Which, by the way, started in the fall of 2008.

Ciao, friends.