And, we’re not talking those donut-shaped tiny little oat cereals.  I am posting from London, baby!  The land of fish & chips, fab Indian food, and baps (big ol’ luscious looking rolls).  Yum!

A glimpse into Janet Eats on vacay.  Vacations can, of course, be challenging on the food front.  There is a wonderful technique in Weight Watchers® that enables you beforehand to consider your weight goal.  Three choices: lose, stay the same, gain.  If gain, how much?  Lose?  Really!?  On vacation?!!!  You are a better man than I if you can make that your goal.  But, hey, it is YOUR weight loss journey.  I usually choose gain two-three pounds.  Generally, it works.  Especially if you add walking to the equation.  I tend to pick walking cities.  And, certainly London qualifies for that.  Even the little towns outside of London, which happens to be where I am staying with a friend.

Anyway, I am fascinated by the supermarkets in foreign countries.  And, the bakeries.  And, the different kinds of foods.  My first day in England, I went shopping with my Italian friend, who lives here with her British husband and two children.  She took me to many places, including this big ol’ store called Lidl (I think — hey, I was still recovering from jet lag).  It is a big ol’ German store, a little like CostCo.  Filled with foods both English and not.

My favorite find there was a CAN of “American Hotdogs”.  In brine.  Eeeuyew.  I resisted purchasing, thank you.  We’re not talking Vienna sausages here.  Can you imagine?  8 wienies.  In brine.  In a can.  Eeeuyew!

There is this wonderful habit of adding “ie” to words.  Hot water bottles: hotties.  When I bought my first cappucino (to break my 20 Quid note) I asked if they made them with skim milk.  And, she changed my order to a “skinny” cappucino.  Made me smile.

Nothing too exotic for my first day.  Mainly because my Italian friend cooked fabulous food for me.  Lentils & pasta for lunch.  Gotta try that myself when I return.  But, for dinner, she made the very British curry.  Made with chickpeas.  And squid.

Yum!  More anon.  Heading into the city of London later.