Because I know you were DYING to see those canned hotdogs in brine – lookee here.  It was beginning to feel like a British obsession with our national food.  You don’t see US putting fish and chips in a can, do you?

Though, I’m sure if we could, we would!  Ha.

My trip through the culinary aisles of Great Britain have been subdued for awhile.  I am saving myself for a trip to Brighton (the shore) to have my fish and chips.  Otherwise, its been a lot of crisps (potato chips) and, believe it or not, coffee.  A marked difference since the last time I was in England — many more coffee shops.

In fact, while taking a break from my audio tour of Westminster Abbey, I sat on a ledge and sipped my “skinny” cappucino.  It was only after I finished it, I noticed it was Starbucks.®  Really?

More anon – time to take a nap.