This is right up there with my favorite foods in Rome.  Pizza Bianca.  It’s — I guess — best described as pizza dough naked except for floral olive oil and a little salt.  It is that perfect combination of crunchy and chewy.  And not just anyone can make it.  The best in my view (and of those in the know) can be found at the Forno Campo di Fiori.  On the periphery of the succulence of their open-air market.

A little slab, poco poco — and some water.  Maybe a peach or date from the market – a little caciocavallo (cheese) and you’re set for lunch.

Except, for dessert. Better go find myself some gelato. Ha! While sitting on the marble statue of some dude who was executed here in the Campo (16th century o somethin’) I saw a young couple, wife pg, husband carrying un bambino, all eating gelato — the baby turned away when offered a lick. I sat here trying to figure how to say “a baby who doesn’t like ice-cream?!?!” in Italian. But decided against intruding.