Lest Janet Eats be all golden, light,”ain’t I wonderful, I’m so perfect” — let’s be honest here.  I’ve got my own set of challenges on this journey.  You know, like every other human!  And, one of them is to motivate myself to exercise.  Or, as Weight Watchers cleverly dubs it:  ‘move more’.  Good strategy to take the dreaded E-word out of the equation:   I suppose I could just go outside and take a walk.

One of the great successes I have experienced in my weight loss this time around (oh yeah, there’ve been plenty of them before!!) was to fit in exercise.  Hey, I already said it: I’m human.  Anyway, I made a commitment to toning up as I lost the weight, so I started working with a trainer.  It is certainly a commitment: of time and money.  But, so well worth it.  As my wonderful trainer, Adam Cacciotti puts it,

It is as much about the motivation as it is the routine!

Simple, but true.  We need the motivation.  And, when it has to come from within, ah yes, there’s the challenge challenge.  I work out two times a week with him and all he asks, or suggests, that I do in my spare time is some curls, leg lifts, and a few stretches.  Doesn’t take that long, but isn’t it amazing how easily we can tell ourselves that we don’t have the time!  We never ran out of time before to forage for our junk food.

Hint (to self):  Pick a small, incremental goal that is achievable.  Like, walk for 30 minutes today.