Here it comes again:  the E word.  Exercise.  The Marist Poll recently released its survey on New Years Resolutions and #3 resolution — behind lose weight and quit smoking — was I want to improve my body.  I want to work out.  But, shit, who wants to work out?  Non-steroidally speaking, that is.  It can be such a roadblock in the weight-loss formula of eat less, move more.  But, we gotta do it.

I got some wonderful advice at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, from an Ayurvedic consultant, Hilary Garivaltis, who, among other things, was trying to help me get rid of anger.

Give your anger to a tree.

But, that’s another blog.  I really liked his counsel because it wasn’t full of shoulds and musts.  It was more “it would be good if…” advice.  Gotta love that.  Some of it I incorporated into my life.  For awhile anyway.  The “don’t drink coffee” advice is always a tough one for me to keep.  Probably because I’m not convinced I need to.

But, I digress. This is what the consultant suggested for a “beneficial daily routine.”

  • Rise before the sunrise
  • Drink a full glass of room temperature or warm water
  • Do a minimum of two sun salutations
  • Meditate by gazing at a candle for 5 minutes

When I’m in that “But, I don’t want to” state of mind, I aim to do three sun salutations. Of course, what inevitably happens when you start moving, the motivation comes in and you’re on your way.