Day One of the New Year.   New beginnings, new starts.  I share with you how I rang in my New Year – and maybe you’ll be inspired.

I built myself a visionboard. It seemed the best way to spend a contemplative evening, out of the din, by myself, in a calm and measured state.  It was a beautiful evening.

To create your own vision board (it can be for good health, weight loss, love, relationship, work, or all) here are some tips from Stevan Thayer, the founder of Integrated Energy Therapy.   All you need are scissors, glue stick, piece of poster stock (about 2 ft by 3 ft), magazines and newspapers that you are inspired by and are willing to cut up.

  • Set the stage by placing all the magazines and newspapers around you, play some soothing music, burn incense, turn off the phone
  • Put yourself in a contemplative state,  in whatever fashion you are guided to use,  for about a minute
  • Leaf through the magazines, ripping out any pages that speak to you: images or words.  In Stevan’s words:

The images do not have to make sense; they only have to be ones you live, ones that make you happy, ones that satisfy something deep inside of you.

  • Hold each page and look at what spoke to you.  If it still does, cut it out and paste it on your visionboard.
  • Once completed, keep your visionboard somewhere you can see it every day

My wishes to all that 2010 will be the wonderful year you hope it to be.