Shovel It InReality bites!

I am happy to say that I not only lost 50 pounds, I reached my weight-loss goal at the end of January.  In total, I lost 51 pounds.

This does not mean my life as a watcher of weight is over.  I continue to exercise my “eat properly” muscles.  With that, comes indulgences on occasion.   I realized when I reached my goal what an awesome challenge I would be facing with Maintenance.  I know how to lose weight.  I know how to gain it.  Keeping myself at a steady weight, now that is something I need to learn to do.

During a recent vacation at the Mohonk Mountain House, I, well there is really no other way to say it, I overate.  I indulged.  I went to the House intending to enjoy their incredible meals, including desserts.  One dessert a day, I told myself.  That would be a treat.

There is a very effective technique in Weight Watchers for vacations:  decide before you go.  Am I going to lose?  Stay the same?  Or, gain.  And, if so, how much.  I chose Gain — two pounds.

Once there, my plan to have a dessert now and then changed.  I ended up eating dessert at lunch, and at dinner.  What was different this time: I did not beat up on myself.  I enjoyed the sweets.

It was a teaching moment.  I succeeded in other ways. I moved a lot.   Hiking once, sometimes twice a day.  I swam, did yoga, practiced Qi Gong, and did some calisthenics.  I walked around the hotel a lot.

Some advice from my WW coaches:

  • Be patient and forgiving of yourself. Long-established complex habits won’t change overnight.
  • Avoid all-or-nothing thinking, such as “I’ve already blown my weight loss plan, I might as well finish off the box.” Accept that you may go off the rails from time to time. So you’ve lost six pounds and regained three? It’s important to congratulate yourself for the pounds that you lost. You’re doing a great job!

Great advice.  I think I’ll take it.  I weighed myself.  I did gain 2 pounds, even a little more.  Now, I’m back on track.  And, much the wiser for it.