You might wonder why I chose to write about pigging out in my last blog Janet Eats.  Too Much.

It just struck me that to stay true to my “mission” here on JanetEats, my ‘how I lost 50 pounds’ – I need to be open to all the nuances and challenges of that task.  It would be important to share the whole experience, not just the heady “whoo-hoo look-at-me I’m-losing-weight experience.  And, this blog is not just about losing weight through Weight Watchers, though it is clear that I swear by that program.  Why?  Simple.  It’s the “less in, more out” school of eating that leads to successful weight loss.  Weight University, I often call it.  It is a good time to learn whaddup with the overeating experience.

We do have our ups and downs.  We’ve seen that dramatically with Oprah.

Oprah Before and After

Oprah's Battle even put together a slide show on her battle with the bulge.  This is a woman who has the money and power to actually get someone to cook her every meal and work out with her and hold her hand through the journey.

It is just so damn difficult.  Eating is never about the food.  Fat people (I mean me, too, folks!) who say “I love to eat” are lying to themselves.  We can eat.  What we want.  Even WHEN we want.  And, enjoy it.   In moderation.

There is a school of thought that overeating and being fat is a way to distract us from what is really going on in our lives.  Instead of feeling pain/depression/loneliness/lack of self-worth (pick your poison) – we feel stuffed.  Guilty.

This is how what I’m talking about works.  We start out our day with resolve.  We eat too much at breakfast.  Ugh.  We don’t even make it to lunch before we’re heading to the vending machine.  Huge lunch.  Oh, I can’t believe I ate that whole thing.  Snack time again.  Burp!  Ooh, I feel so badly I ate so much.  Enormous dinner, ah, the heck with it, I think I’ll have the fries.  Nighttime munching until bed.  Aaargh.  I’m such a pig.  Go to bed feeling stuffed.  Guilty.  Then wake up feeling good until you realize, oh crap, I ate too much yesterday.

See what I mean, not much room in there to feel what’s really going on with you.  You’re too damn distracted with all the food drama.

That’s how it is for me.  So, that’s why I plan to be as candid as I can here with ALL aspects of “how I lost 5o pounds.”