I am morally, ethically, spiritually, physically, positively, absolutely, un-de-niably and re-liably in love. Certifiably. With the High Line, that is. That delightful park built upon the elevated track right next to the Hudson River, along the west side of Manhattan.

Last week, Section 2 of the High Line opened up to the public. I have been waiting for just the right time to experience it myself. I usually walk in the early morning, both because it fits into my schedule and because there are usually very few people up there at that time. It always thrills me – whatever the season. But, man, they have dressed my High Line up for this particular moment. Like a grand dame all dolled up for the ball. The trees are lush, the flowers blooming, even the grasses are puffed up like peacocks.

I shall try to capture what it was like for me, my first walk through Section Two. The park – 30 feet above the street — is now about a mile long. It is a good one-hour walk to and from my home — the perfect amount of time for my morning constitutional. There are so many things I love about the High Line. Where to start? It is, for me, first and foremost, evocative. The men in my father’s family were “train men.” My father loved trains, and often he and I would walk the tracks together near our home. We, of course, lived on the wrong side of them. Proud of that, I’ll tell you that much. I spent my childhood around trains and tracks. It couldn’t be more perfect. A train track: rusting and unused for years, now reclaimed and recyled — just a short walk away.

I could not stop smiling as I introduced myself to Section Two. I have been watching the construction of it through the chain link fence. What is so cool about the H-Line is that it is flanked by every time of building you would expect in this city. From luxury penthouses to simple tenements. Exclusive hotel to working meat plants. Exquisite architecture to decayed, abandoned warehouses. High art to graffiti to fading letters painted on the side of unused buildings. Windows washed & gleaming. Bricked up portals with ripped up plastic blowing in the wind.

Trees with berries, clever little birdhouses already home to city starlings. Prairie grasses, broad-leaved plants. Shrubs & tiny little colorful little flowers. Oh – and they finally completed this wonderful little water feature. It is a small part of the High Line, where the water just skims over the top of the walk. You can step right through it in your shoes and get a little splash, but totally doable without “injury.”

The birds have discovered the High Line: they’ve got water. Food. Now, even little high rise houses. Section Two is really much more native Manhattan than the first section. You walk right by people’s windows in apartment buildings nestled right next to the park.

Janet doesn’t just “eats” – she walks – with a smile, through her beloved High Line.