I have to say from the outset – I have always felt proud of the fact that I am so good with change. My work has changed. My life has changed. My body, my apartments, my friends. But, I find myself baffled about something: why am I so averse to FOOD changes?

This surprises me. I suppose I find some comfort in the knowledge that I can be shaken out of complacency on the “change” front. That’s what acceptance of change is all about — going with the flow, as they say.

I have this wonderful t-shirt I bought at Snoqualmie Falls, outside of Seattle. It says “Advice from a Waterfall” – which in itself is a lovely thought. We can imagine a tree — like those in the Wizard of Oz – with its arms and full head of leaves – knotholes for squirrels and for talking — anthropomorphic. But, waterfalls?

Go with the flow

–it exhorts.

Roar with excitement. Let your cares fall away. Create your own music. Immerse yourself in nature. Stay active. And, make a splash!

Wonderful advice for accepting change.

But, it doesn’t take into account this unsettling change in food habits. How hard it is for (I think it would be fair to say) most of us to alter the way we eat – in order to live more healthy lives. So, it was effort for me at the farmers market when my favorite booth of them all — Mountain Sweet Berry — had no strawberries, while several other farmers did. I pulled out my empty Milk Thistle bottle to exchange for a new one, filled with reduced fat milk, only to discover they are redoing their milk production facility and had only whole for sale. What? Keith’s farm, which grows the most superb garlic and greens, and hasn’t been there the whole Winter or most of the Spring until now, had nothing for me. The cheese man – had switched from Dairy-ere to the Goat Cheese stand. It was more than I could bear.

I had to buy my arugula from a stranger, my milk from a run-of-the-mill dairy, even my dried beans and full grains vendor had decided to sell his wares in bulk, and not in individual packages.

How can this be? Is it true that change is wilderness? Is it no wonder I went into a dizzy spell last week? My body was heaping change upon me, as if a harbinger to the greenmarket that lay ahead.