May 2010

Here I am, in the land of the Danes now, staying with my friend, the priest.  He lives in the center of beautiful Copenhagen.

Upon my arrival from Gatwick, 90 minutes from the land of mushy peas and crisps, I am greeted with a lunch, Danish style.  It came with instructions.  Thank God.  An appropriate thought, when lunching with a man of the cloth.  I recognized most of the ingredients of our repast.  It was in the design of the eating, I found fascination.

On that table was smoked salmon, some kind of sliced pork with swirls of parsley and pepper, dense dark bread, a sweeter type bread with golden raisins, cheese, tomatoes (that would be toe-MAH-toes), cucumbers, sliced sweet pickles and a bottle of Italian beer.

Now the instructions.


Because I know you were DYING to see those canned hotdogs in brine – lookee here.  It was beginning to feel like a British obsession with our national food.  You don’t see US putting fish and chips in a can, do you?

Though, I’m sure if we could, we would!  Ha.

My trip through the culinary aisles of Great Britain have been subdued for awhile.  I am saving myself for a trip to Brighton (the shore) to have my fish and chips.  Otherwise, its been a lot of crisps (potato chips) and, believe it or not, coffee.  A marked difference since the last time I was in England — many more coffee shops.

In fact, while taking a break from my audio tour of Westminster Abbey, I sat on a ledge and sipped my “skinny” cappucino.  It was only after I finished it, I noticed it was Starbucks.®  Really?

More anon – time to take a nap.

And, we’re not talking those donut-shaped tiny little oat cereals.  I am posting from London, baby!  The land of fish & chips, fab Indian food, and baps (big ol’ luscious looking rolls).  Yum!

A glimpse into Janet Eats on vacay.  Vacations can, of course, be challenging on the food front.  There is a wonderful technique in Weight Watchers® that enables you beforehand to consider your weight goal.  Three choices: lose, stay the same, gain.  If gain, how much?  Lose?  Really!?  On vacation?!!!  You are a better man than I if you can make that your goal.  But, hey, it is YOUR weight loss journey.  I usually choose gain two-three pounds.  Generally, it works.  Especially if you add walking to the equation.  I tend to pick walking cities.  And, certainly London qualifies for that.  Even the little towns outside of London, which happens to be where I am staying with a friend.